Monday, 4 July 2011

Finding a Job the Safe Way

With a lot of job centre vacancies available, jobseekers have a lot of opportunities to find employment. There are so many job listings and advertisements found online and it is important to find out if the company behind the listing is legitimate or not. Scam job posts can be found almost everywhere. You can find these ads along with other job centre vacancies online, in the classified ads or on posters put up in the streets mixed up with advertisements for legitimate job openings. One must know the tell-tale signs of an ad that's designed to lure people into losing money instead of earning it.

Signs of a Scam

In a lot of cases, employers prefer to keep their identities anonymous when posting job centre vacancies in newspapers or on the internet. Not seeing the name on the company's job postings does not necessarily ring any alarm bells, so one must be extra vigilant in determining if the job opening is real or not. First, look at the contact numbers to call. Most HR phone numbers and hotlines are regular phone numbers or toll-free numbers. If you need to pay a lot of money for a phone call to recruiter, chances are you're not calling in to ask for a job interview schedule. Some ads also promise instant income or a high paying salary for minimal amount of work.

Though some of them are legitimate jobs, it may be false advertising and you might not get the job you expected. Some scammers place legitimate looking advertisements to lure people in. You can tell if you are being scammed when you are talking to the recruiter and they ask for information that is not necessary for the job, such as bank account and passport numbers, as well as other financial and personal information. Another sign you need to look out for is if you are asked to pay a placement fee or any other type of fee, especially for work overseas. You should never have to pay upfront fees for any form of assistance by a recruitment firm. They make their money through fees paid by employers and not the applicants.

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