Thursday, 18 August 2011

3 Things You Didn't Know About Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are commonly mistaken as masseuses and this may be because the job of a PT involves massaging the patient. However, being a PT delves more than just the typical tasks of a masseuse. And not only does the work of a masseuse different from a PT but the benefits of being a professional PT far outweigh those of a masseuse. Here are 3 things you didn't know about physical therapy.

Keep in mind that a PT is schooled for a good number of years while a masseuse is only trained for a few months and then they can now knead and pound to give relief to tired and stressed out muscles. Physical therapy is a science. It does not give instant relief of tired and cramped up muscles instead it finds the root cause of the pain and cures it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tips on Passing the CPIM Certification Exams

There are five modules total in the CPIM certification; each one requiring its own examination. There are plenty of courses available online which may guide the student more quickly through the material. You can also purchase a guide with sample questions through the APICS website. You will be taking the exam at a computer-based testing center. All of the questions are multi-option. There are 105 questions in the Basics of Supply Chain Management module. The rest of the modules have 75 questions. By doing your preparation on actually taking the exam, you're in better shape walking into the examination center than the unsuspecting, unprepared layperson. It should also help you when you study and when you are managing your time during the test.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Police Training Courses - Preparing Yourself for a Police Career

As police officer opportunities become more competitive, police training courses likewise become more vital. Fortunately, the ever-increasing access to quality police training courses, both online and on campus, has made the completion of vital police training courses easier than ever.

As an overview, consider these educative options as your introduction to an array of valuable police training courses.

Vocational Diplomas

It's a good idea to begin with an online search for vocational schools that provide police training courses. Many present classes online, others in a more conventional setting. In either case, although a vocational diploma should not be considered as a replacement for a college degree in criminal justice, it does provide a sound introduction to law enforcement. As an added benefit, the diploma serves as strong foundation for students who are eventually attend a police academy, or for those who are not certain if they want to invest in a criminal justice degree.
Typically, vocational schools separate their programs into segments or modules. The curriculum will most probably begin with an introduction to criminal justice system and all of its parts, such as the court system and juvenile justice as examples.